The original paintings are done with plant juices and blood. The images are ca. 110 x 150 mm, the paper format is A5. Protected inside simple black carton and envelope. Each print is signed and numbered. Available are 10 copies of each.


About my Soul Paintings

A few years ago I began experimenting in my art with organic pigments contained in the sap of plants and blood. This came naturally, since the work with plants is a major factor in my life. Merely reading about witch herbs and buying dried herbs online was soon unsatisfactory. It has since always been my goal to study the plants in real life, which includes understanding their habits and interactions better. This occupation commingles with my visions, ideas and concepts. Inspired by dream, vision and traditional lore I approach and work with the plants and reference them in my art. The outcome can be quite different, from a simple black and white line-drawing to a doll or statue stuffed with herbs. In between you find the paintings, which I have come to title „soul paintings“, since they are drawn with the actual juices of the plants, or call it blood if you will. These paintings are my way of connecting deeper to a plant in soul and spirit. This involves an intense process, which often leaves me exhausted and drained. The result may not be perfect or as detailed as my other works, but therefore they shine in vibrancy and transport something of the powerful nature of the plants portrayed therein.

Regina Amandrakina

This image has been discussed at length in Canadian Pillars Journal 1.III, which contained an 11 page essay along with the painting. It is my vision of the Mother of all Man-Dragons, inspired by the Mandrake’s lore and personal experiences. The original has been painted with Mandrake leaf and root tincture, red wine and menstrual blood.

Solanum nigrum

This is one of my favorites. It is painted with the purple sap of Solanum nigrum fruits as well as leaf tincture. It reflects some of my first experiences on this path and is inspired by the visions received when burning the herb as an incense.

Devil’s Trumpet/Horn of Plenty

A powerful vision connected to the Thorn-Apple or Datura plant genus in general. This one is particularly inspired by visions received during a planting ritual for the purple to black flowering Datural metel var. Fastuosa. The painting is done with leaf tincture, red wine, gold color and my own blood.

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