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When you find out an author you admire follows your blog, then quickly order their freshly translated book in German, only to receive an email from said author shortly after, that they would like to send you a free copy!!! Thanks @thesecretgardener 💚
On to another garden-crazy year!

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Reading Suggestions on the Poison Path

28833096_10160348495105107_976279603_nIn all honesty, it has been really hard to write this post: it has taken us more than 2 years. We have never been really fond of reading lists, and thus we expect this article will not be seen like that. We have received lots of enquiries regarding recommended books in herbalism and the Poison Path so we have decided to write this reflection, but bear in mind that this is a really delicate matter.

We don’t find the books that change our life, but books find us, and it is no point on giving you an exhaustive list on what to read or not, because, if you have to read a book, in the end, it will come to you just when it is necessary, and when you open it you will surely know from page one that you are reading what you’re supposed to, as if you were accomplishing your…

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