Christian Rätsch et al

I still remember buying the Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants at a bookstore, happy it had been reduced from 99 to 66 Deutschmark. It was the first book I ever got on the topic of ethnobotany and it sparked my interest in all things beyond plain botany. This was sometime in 2001, I think. Soon followed Die Regenwaldapotheke… Much later I was gifted Der Atem des Drachen, when I had already spent a few years of autodidactism in incense making.

Through a recommendation by either Christian Rätsch or one of the other authors in the Nachtschatten Verlag, I came across the German botanist Heinrich Marzell, to who I am dedicating an own section on this website.

Following in the footsteps of Rätsch, a new generation of promising authors is rising. First and foremost I’d like to mention here Caroline Maxelon, studied ethnologist, writer and shamanic huntress and taxidermist. She appears alongside Christine Fuchs, who is also owner of popular incense shop LAB.DANUM. I especially favor their recent book Räucherstoffe aus aller Welt, which brings several new incense materials to the scene, some of which I have been using myself but yet have been lacking written sources for.

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