Heinrich Marzell

Heinrich Marzell, Lexicon of German Plant Names (1943-79), reprint (2000)

Heinrich Marzell (* 23. Januar 1885 in München; † 20. November 1970 in Erlangen) was a German botanist, who devoted his life to studying the folklore of plants and their traditional uses. His botanical author abbreviation reads „Marzell“.

I first came across Heinrich Marzell through a book recommendation by German anthropologist and writer Christian Rätsch.

Marzell studied botany, chemistry and German philology in Munich and worked as a teacher in biology and chemistry. An important work was his revision of Gustav Hegi’s Flora and his dissertation Die Tiere in deutschen Pflanzennamen, ein Beitrag zum deutschen Sprachschatz (Animals in German plant names, a contribution to the German vocabulary). He obtained his doctor’s degree in 1911 at the university in Würzburg. His main body work consists of the five volumes of the Wörterbuch der deutschen Pflanzennamen (1943–1979). Since 1939 he was member of the Leopoldina, The German National Academy of Natural Sciences. In 1953 he was awarded the Leibniz medal by the German Academy of Sciences at Berlin.

Alte Heilkräuter, Heinrich Marzell, 1926, with woodcut illustrations by Otto Brunfels (1488-1534)

Zauberpflanzen Hexentränke, Heinrich Marzell, 1963 Stuttgart


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