Plant Monographs

Research on my favorite plants, updated and expanded frequently:

May-16 ’20 – It was about time for Clary Sage to make its appearance!

Apr.-23 ’19Marigold has finally joined my garden. Its oddly shaped seeds fascinate us…

Apr.-15 ’19 – A young Wormwood has emerged in the raised bed. The old article has hence been updated and added to the page.

Jun.-10 ’17 – “There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

Dec.-16 ’16 – The monograph for Foxglove has been added

Jul.-09 ’16 – It was about time for the monograph for Aconite and the different aconite species. Includes photos, sowing info and useful gardening advice.

May-06 ’16 – The plant profile for the magical Mandrake has been added and answers frequently asked questions about its propagation by seed

Apr.-11 ’16 – Now you can read about and view photos of the various Thornapple species

Apr.-10 ’16 – A new page has been dedicated to the different Morning Glory species, from blue to purple to the white moon vine

Apr.-8 ’16 – Read about the magical Male Fern and its folklore

Oct.-4 ’15 – The second plant page is online: fitting to the season, welcome the magical Autumn Crocus

Sep.-10 ’15 – The first herb article is online! Opening the round is the almighty Fennel

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