Plant Toxicology

“Sola dosis facit venenum – The dose makes the poison.”

Phytochemicals are part of a plant’s self-defense system, along with mechanical safeguards, such as thorns, spines and prickles. Some of these chemicals are harmful to humans and some animals. We shall group these toxins and the plants they belong to and then look at the effects, once they enter the organism of humans or animals, which can happen via skin contact, ingestion or inhalation. Therapeutic treatment advice is given for reference only. In case or danger of poisoning call emergency  (112 in Europe) or a poison control center near you.

This site section is meant to guide and educate. The questions at hand are:

  • Which plants are potentially harmful to humans and animals?
  • Which toxins do these plants contain and how do they act on our organism?
  • How can poisoning occur? What are the actual dangers and what belongs to the realm of “fear mongering”?
  • How to handle these poisonous plants and what to do in danger of poisoning?

References and further reading:

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