Links and Further Reading

Recommended websites:

  • Alchemy Works – essential for students of plant folklore and planetary magic, for over a decade Harold Roth has been sharing his studies via his website. It is also highly recommended to follow his detailed reports on gardening and herbalism at his “The Alchemist’s Garden” blog. And lastly and finally you may enjoy the elegance and otherworldly nature of Harold’s spirit and mystical landscape paintings.
  • Bussardflug – a friend’s website, who is an academic student of ethnobotany and whose expertise and council is invaluable. German visitors of this blog are encouraged to visit her page at and leave feedback or engage in a conversation about nature spirituality.
  • Lunarium – Using the moon and planetary hours, when harvesting and gardening:
  • A really good overview on different incense herbs and resins:
  • Sarah Ann Lawless is a name, some of you may already have heard of – as a sacred artist and animist she has been sharing her experiences in herbalism and the “craft” for years. Her blog is a fine resource concerning the uses of wild herbs and weeds. She is not afraid to delve into darker aspects of the soul. Her sought-after herbal products are available via the Fern and Fungi shop.
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