+ Family / Subfamily: Lamiaceae / Nepetoideae
+ Genus: Thymus
+ Species: Thymus vulgaris
+ Names: thyme, Thymian

Traditional condiment in Mediterranean cuisine and important healing herb, which is used mainly against coughing.

Thyme in the garden: Perennial, up to 30 cm tall, with bushy growth and small purple or white flowers. Hardy to zones 5-9. Thrives in warm climates, in full sun, on dry, low-nutrient, well drained soil. Plant 30 cm apart. Requires winter protection, add shade to prevent dehydration from the winter sun. Medicinally used thyme comes from the species Thymus pulegioides, which is not as sensitive to frost and it also provides a lovely ground-covering.


“Jupiter” harvest, including fresh thyme

Magical and spiritual attributions: Jupiter herb,


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